A Report on the Debate




Russian Scholars


on the Topics of


Visiting the Graves, Intercession (Tawassul) and Blessings (Tabarruk)


This book presents the summary of debate on a very controversial, effective and beneficial topic which took place between me and sixteen Ahle-Sunnat scholars supporting the Wahhabi ideology.  The debate lasted for about two hours during which some of the attendees, who were educated in Saudi Arabia, attempted to reject the arguments I presented. They sometimes out rightly refused to accept the authentic traditions, sometimes created doubts about the authenticity of the traditions, and sometimes tried to interpret traditions out of context. However, because the debate was being held at a library, where original references from the books of Ahle-Sunnat were readily available and presented to them, they were convinced to retreat from their stance, and acknowledged that they had never come across these facts before and no one had ever explained them these facts with such convincing and detailed arguments. At the conclusion of debate all the attendees rejected the Wahhabi ideology and accepted that it contradicts the principles of Islam and the practices of the Companions of Prophet (SAWW) and the Tabay’een.



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